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updated 5/16 [14 Mar 2005|03:53pm]
Before 160

Currently 133

Goal 125
12 lost weight| lose some weight

[11 Mar 2005|05:47pm]
This is THE best snack ever!

This is my own little version of a recipe I found online, I like to call it...

1 small apple chopped into chunks with the skin
1 cup of seedless grapes
4 fresh strawberrys cup into chunks
1/2 cup of Lite Vanilla Yogurt (i used dannon)
4-5 dashes of cinnamon
Mix apple, grapes, strawberrys and yogurt together in bowl.
Add Cinnamon to taste. (Makes one serving)

It is the biggggest bowl of yumminess I have ever tasted!

Here's the kicker... its only 3 points!!!!

lose some weight

[09 Mar 2005|01:00pm]
I cant get pictures from charolette russe or forever 21, but I CANT WAIT TO GO SHOPPING THERE!

shopping listCollapse )
lose some weight

just a though [27 Feb 2005|07:36pm]
I just wanted to first of all congratulate allll of you on how well you are doing! Secondly, I just had some thoughts that might help us all.

Actions stem from thoughts and feelings, so if you think "ew I'm so fat and I will never lose weight" you feel lazy and sad, so you act lazy and sad, you overeat, or lay around all day... same works the other way. try to think "I am doing so great, I love myself, and i want to love my body" You will feel energized and happy, so you will go to the gym, and eat healthy! Try to think of your motivation. When a craving strikes think about your motivation (pray if you are religious)!

lose some weight

just for the record [25 Feb 2005|10:38am]
Start: 160
1:155 5 lb loss
2:152 3 lb loss
3:151 1 lb loss
4:150 1 lb loss
5:149 1 lb loss
6:147 2 lb loss
7:145 2 lb loss
8:144 1 lb loss 10% goal
9:143 1 lb loss
Half way point
10:140 3 lb loss
11:139 1 lb loss
12:140 1 lb gain
13:138 2 lb loss
14:136 2 lb loss
15:137 1 lb gain
16:136 1 lb loss
17:136 0 lb loss or gain
18:134 2 lb loss
19:133 1 lb loss
lose some weight

[13 Jan 2005|09:11pm]
Total Points: 18
lose some weight

[12 Jan 2005|08:50pm]
Daily Points: 21
lose some weight

[10 Jan 2005|10:00pm]
Breakfast sandwich: 5 pts
Salad: 1 pt
Canoloni: 5pts
Pizza: 7 pts
Ice Cream: 2 pts
Coffee: 2 pts

total: 22
2 lost weight| lose some weight

[09 Jan 2005|08:07pm]
Smoothie: 1.5
Patty/cheese sandwich: 5
Pizza: 7
Santa Fe beans: 5
Ice cream: 2

TOTAL: 20.5

Oatmeal: 4 pts

Total: 24.5
lose some weight

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